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These 6 Skills Can Make You More Appealing To Employers In 2019 Empass - Blog

As soon as January rolls around, recruiters will find a surge in the number of professionals looking for a job. Why so? Because the sense of starting fresh in the New Year inspires many to get motivated during the first month of the year. It is human nature!

If you are planning to roll up your sleeves to find a job that satisfies and fulfills you, then this article might interest you. As you know when it comes to job search, timing is critical. But more importantly, it is the qualities you possess that make a difference in bagging a job.

By ‘qualities’ we not only mean a core technical expertise but a number of other ‘must-have’ skills that can make you more appealing to the employers. Have a look:

1) People management

Motivating people, honing the skills of employees or guiding difficult team members to do a task are just some of the qualities of a people person. If you are good at working with others and quickly building a rapport with them and have the results to prove that you are, employers would see you as an asset.

2) Social media literacy

Your career may not have necessarily have direct bearing with your use of social media, but today it defines your personality. Job seekers that have built solid personal brands using social media have a clear advantage over those who have limited ‘social’ experience.

For instance: how you use Twitter to interact with thought leaders in your profession or the types of posts you share on Facebook and LinkedIn give a sneak peek into how you think, what your value and whether you’ll be a good fit for the organisation.

3) Creative thinking

Since different technologies bombard us on a daily basis, it is imperative for employers to hire those people who are not only comfortable using technology but also apply it creatively to new products and services.

Thinking out-of-the-box isn’t just an advertiser’s job anymore. A data scientist could also get creative and discover a smarter way to interpret complex data. The best way to show you have a creative mindset is to talk about an innovative approach you applied to tackle a problem in the past, in your previous job.

4) Collaboration

Not everyone can work in a team. But if you can interact effectively with people, share facts and feedback without offending anyone and successfully achieve a common goal – there’s nothing like it. Employers love to hire professionals who demonstrate collaborative proficiency to accomplish a business objective and maintain harmony in the workplace.

5) Entrepreneurial spirit

Finding a creative yet feasible solution to every problem is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you can share an insight (and a solution) that reduces the pain-point of a client, then you certainly have an entrepreneurial spirit. Growing your own business is one thing but adding value to the current organisation makes a difference too. Do have the ‘intra’preneurial mindset. This could make a big difference in your next career move. 

6) Willingness to learn

It doesn’t matter if you are good at what you do, but if you are a stickler for set processes or opinions, your success ratio will fall drastically. Therefore, be open to learning new skills, tools or methods.

Whether it is through taking online classes or short quizlets or doing certification courses or attending industry conferences, you should make it a point to gain new skills on your own. If you show your potential employer that you have an appetite to learn, you are as someone who adds value to the organisation.

Wrapping up

At Empass, we believe in the power of learning and engagement – its ability to transform an individual, an organisation, the world. 

Supervisors are no more the employees’ “go-to-person” for information, performance, and learning. At the same time, Supervisors are also no longer the ‘only’ source of information around where to find the most appropriate talent within the organization for a new task/project. This skill graph can be readily available if your inculcate and motivate employees to value self-directed learning and showcase what they are learning.

Empass is a gamified platform that provides an opportunity to master a new skill or refresh an existing one. Go ahead and try it out. Short, regular practice is way more effective than once-in-a-while, long duration practice. Be it brain or brawn!

Here’s wishing you the best of luck in finding your dream job in 2019!

Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Empass. You'll often find her marketing gamification for skill assessment to colleges and companies, and educating recruiters on the benefits of using AI and mobile to hire the best talent. She is also the primary author of the Empass blog.

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