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Recruitment Hacks To Streamline The Hiring Process Of Your Business Empass - Blog

On the outside, hiring top talent may seem like the most natural part of running a business. All you have to do is draft a job description, post the listing on various job portals, await the applicant responses, shortlist a few, interview them, and pick your favourite candidate.

A lengthy but easy process, right? Not!

Those who have some experience in recruitment can verify that if not executed correctly, recruitment drives can be no less than a nightmare! The hiring process involves a great deal of coordination with various teams present within and outside the company.

A poorly executed recruitment drive can cost a lot financially as well as in terms of time, productivity, effort, resources, and worse – missing out on talented employees! Thus, to cut down such losses, companies across domains are looking to streamline their hiring processes.

Whether you are a multinational organisation or a startup that is beginning to lift off, here are a few tips that will help you hire the right talent:

1. Establish a reasonable timeline 

According to a study by CareerBuilder, 60% of employers across various lines of business observed that it takes longer than usual to fill vacant positions due to the recruitment complexities. Thus, the best strategy to tackle the issue is by setting up clearly outlined timelines.

The hiring process should neither be too rushed to compromise on quality nor should it be also drawn out for the sake of the candidates’ interest. Further, periodic reviews should be carried out to check the status of the progress made at every stage.

In fact, the same study also indicated that 82% of employees expect the companies to declare such timelines and keep them updated on the same. 

2. Be omnipresent

At present, the job and candidate hunt have moved to the digital front. Thus, naturally, you would find your listings online. However, have you considered making your advertisement mobile-friendly?

A ComScore survey says that nearly 70% of candidates are looking for jobs through mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, creating a mobile application that accepts digital resumes will be a great way to reach out to a broader audience.

Furthermore, remember to keep your listing short and concise as prospective employees may not scroll through 3-4 pages, just to locate the submission page!

3. Include an Application Tracking System [ATS]

The best way to manage and track an incoming resume is through technology. An Application Tracking System will significantly cut down the manual labour, intervention, and delays. It carries out most of the background tasks such as publishing advertisements on leading websites, maintaining a database of all the applicants, screening them based on customisable filters, and establishing contact with the eligible candidates.

Many tracking systems are available for your various needs and varying budgets. Choose one that fits your requirements.

4. Reduce the recruitment steps

You may think that multiple rounds of tests, discussions, and interactions may ensure that you get to choose the ‘creme de la creme’ from amongst the contenders. However, these hoops can also slow down the recruitment process considerably.

In such a case, it is recommended that rather than eliminating these rounds, they should be modified for greater efficiency. For example, instead of opting for one-on-one interviews, consider conducting panel interviews to save time and resources.

Alternatively, use Empass Hire to conduct AI-based video and audio interviews with short technical and aptitude tests to evaluate candidates and identify the most suitable and genuinely engaged candidates quickly.

 5. Stay connected

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to make the applicants feel involved in the hiring process. Receiving communications would keep them interested in your company. Keep them in the loop and follow up even if they have been rejected for the current position. Of course, that does not mean that you have the freedom to spam them.

Maintaining contact also has another advantage. If for some reason the selected candidate backs out from joining your company, you are still in touch with the other eligible candidates who may still be interested!

Wrapping it up

On implementation of these tips, you will notice that your recruitment drive will be a lot more streamlined. The time taken and the resources spent on the hiring process will reduce significantly. Moreover, your new employee can enjoy a smoother and much more efficient on-boarding experience, which will reflect positively on your company.

Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Empass. You'll often find her marketing gamification for skill assessment to colleges and companies, and educating recruiters on the benefits of using AI and mobile to hire the best talent. She is also the primary author of the Empass blog.

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