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10 Free Productivity Apps For Freshers And Employees Empass - Blog

If a person can prioritise work efficiently and yield favourable results – then that’s one quality everyone should possess. It shows that they know where to pay attention to, and what work has to get done first. That’s also called being productive.

While there are many ways to be productive, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, using post-its to make notes, clearing the study/work desk periodically, and others, such methods can become stale and monotonous.

That is exactly why mobile-based applications are at the forefront of improving productivity. Even a study by Mobile Helix says so! So, if you’re a fresher or an employee looking to improve your productivity levels using just your mobile, check out this listicle comprising free productivity apps:


1. Google Calendar

Imagine having your own personal assistant to help you out with your daily productivity! Sounds fun, isn’t it? Google calendar not only helps organize your tasks for the day but also gives suggestions to be more productive. Additionally, you can share the calendar with your family and friends to help you prioritize your tasks in a better way!

Access Google Calendar for Free

2. Offtime

Are you unable to focus because of the plethora of social media, gaming and messaging apps downloaded on your smartphone? Then, this app will do you wonders! Offtime blocks your access to certain apps for specific time frames that you can set yourself, such as Family, Study or Me Time, thus making it much easier for you to concentrate and study.

Get Offtime on Android for Free

3. Empass Assess

Whether you are a fresher or a student, learning is a vital part of getting ahead and it has a lot to do with your success than you think. Since studying from a textbook is not everyone’s cup of tea and often brings down the morale, Empass Assess offers real-time, curated gaming assessments that come with 16 difficulty levels and cover 25+ skills. The app helps in not only constantly upskilling but also spending time productively.

Start playing on Assess for free

4. Evernote

An award-winning, critically acclaimed note-making app, Evernote has a minimalistic design with a user-friendly interface that helps you to make and organize your notes effectively. It even enables you to make fun to-do lists!

Start writing notes on Evernote for free

5. Taskful

Taskful is the smarter way to check off your to-do list. It is an that has a progress bar which levels up as you perform your tasks. The motive of the app is to give you a sense of accomplishment. The user interface of the app is aesthetically pleasing, and one can get a hang of it pretty quickly.

Start checking off your to-dos on Taskful for free


6. Trello

Trello is an app that makes communication and planning with your colleagues easier. You can create different boards for every project or department, have cards on them to separate the activities and schedule deadlines to keep track of work. Trello is helpful, especially if you manage teams.

Manage your work-life on Trello for free

7. Lastpass

Are you still using your birthdate as your password? If so, then your account is like fodder for hackers. Lastpass is an app that helps create strong passwords for all your accounts and encrypts them with multiple layers of protection. You don’t have to even remember them, and that’s a time-saver if you use multiple platforms in a single day.

Create new passwords with Lastpass for free – depending on the plan you choose

8. Documents 6

If you regularly use cloud-based storage for your work, then Documents 6 is an app that will put all your files in one interface. You no longer need to search a huge pile of virtual folders to get any file you need urgently. The app is is very useful if you use cloud-based apps frequently, and it saves your time in managing files.

Get on cloud using Documents 6 for free

9. Doodle

One big challenge with planning meetings is finding the most convenient time for everyone. However, using a chat messenger to get this sorted can get very messy. Doodle is an app that integrates the users’ calendars and preferences, and offers the best possible meeting time slots. The mobile app ensures everyone moves around their schedule accordingly.

Fix meetings for free – depending on the plan you choose

10. Insight Timer

Work can get very stressful sometimes and a little peace of mind is something you deserve. The Mindfulness app has a lot of guided meditation exercises with beautiful, relaxing music that do an amazing job in toning down your senses. They say a peaceful mind can achieve so much more than a chaotic one. Boost your productivity levels with the app!

Get the Insight Timer app for free


If you want to become more productive this year (and who doesn’t), then these ten mobile apps listed above will definitely help. We encourage you to check out each of them yourself, and see if they can help you get more done in less time.

Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Empass. You'll often find her marketing gamification for skill assessment to colleges and companies, and educating recruiters on the benefits of using AI and mobile to hire the best talent. She is also the primary author of the Empass blog.

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