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Giving Your First Virtual Interview? Here’s What You Should And Shouldn’t Do. Empass - Blog

For some job seekers, interviews can be terrifying. According to Glassdoor, every corporate job offer attracts 250 applications. Of those candidates, four to six get called for an interview, but only one bags the job!

Therefore, interviews are not meant to be taken lightly! According to a LinkedIn study, 83% of professionals state a negative interview experience can make them rethink about a job. But that’s slowly changing with virtual interviews.

The trend of online recruitment is on the rise with companies making use of tools like web and video conferencing video interviews to find talent. Job seekers also prefer video during the interview process, with 66% of them feeling more comfortable while interviewing virtually.

If you are planning to sit for a virtual interview anytime soon, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do:


1. Test your technology

That goes without saying! A reliable internet connection and functioning computer or mobile device is a necessity for a smooth sailing interview. An hour before the call, check the internet speed, and set up your device.

Reset the microphone; make sure your responses don’t come out garbled. Examine whether or not the laptop camera is placed correctly. If you have a webcam, put it at the right angle and set the focus, so that you are visible during the interview.

If you are required to give your interview via a mobile phone, make sure the quality of the video is decent. If not, borrow a friend or family member’s phone. Additionally, check your lighting as you don’t want your eyes to be in shadows, nor do you want to wash out by bright lights.

2. Pay attention to the interviewer

Whenever the recruiter or potential manager speaks to you during a video interview, focus. Concentrate on what (s)he says to you. Any interviewer will watch out for your body language even if they sit far away from you, and they will quickly identify if there is any distraction happening around.

Hence, you must always be alert from the beginning to the end of the virtual interview. Maintain eye contact; treat it as any face-to-face interview.

3. Maintain good posture

You cannot just sit the way you want just because you are getting interviewed from the comfort of your home. You should be seated comfortably and in the right posture during the interview. It throws light on how serious you are about the job and also invokes confidence.

4. Look the part

It doesn’t matter whether you give an interview from the comfort of your home or at a prospective employer’s office – you must always look the part. Don’t dress up as if you were lounging on the couch just minutes before the interview call.

Don casual formals and simple jewelry or accessories, and comb your hair. Don’t wear too much makeup or clothes in bright colors – anything that will distract the interviewer and put them off.


5. Hesitate asking the recruiter to repeat the question

There are chances you may miss some part of the question due to any technical glitch. When that happens, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Another polite way is to reiterate the question alternatively to ensure you heard the question correctly.

Don’t be in a hurry to answer the question. Think and speak. And if you still need clarity regarding the question, ask again. It is better than misunderstanding and providing an irrelevant or incorrect answer to the interviewer.

6. Skip the practice

If you are facing a virtual interviewer for the first time or you are camera shy, then you should practice before the big day. Practice in front of the mirror or record yourself on the camera to analyze how you perform.

Apart from posture and body language, practice answers to possible questions such as “Tell me something about yourself? “What were the responsibilities in your previous job?” “What are your biggest achievements?” and more.

That will help you become more confident while facing the camera.

7. Forget to keep things handy

If you have made interview notes, stick them on the computer screen or note them down in a notebook, so that you don’t have to shuffle through papers. If you have to make use of a pen and paper during the call, be ready with all the supplies. That shows how prepared you are to attend the interview. It also helps to increase the chances of clearing the interview.

8. Sit in a distracting place

Choose a quiet spot in the house to give your interview. Before the call starts, shut the windows, switch off the TV and put your phone on silent. Inform your family member that you will be busy on call for an hour and that they would need to get up and open the door if someone rings the bell.

Leveraging AI to seek talent virtually

Today, there are many hiring apps that leverage Artificial Intelligence to ensure the best candidates don’t get missed as human beings have a habit of forming opinions quickly. Empass Hire, for example, uses AI in audio and video assessments to predict future behaviour.

In video assessments, key personality traits of the interviewees are highlighted – ones that are not evident to the human eye. Based on the subconscious movement of candidates, their choice of words and the time taken to respond by them, the AI analysis helps the recruiter uncover any undesirable traits that interviewees may be hoping to hide.

Want to know how Empass Hire can reduce your hiring headaches? Contact us today!

Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Empass. You'll often find her marketing gamification for skill assessment to colleges and companies, and educating recruiters on the benefits of using AI and mobile to hire the best talent. She is also the primary author of the Empass blog.

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