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Belong To The Multi-Tasking Generation? Here’s How You Can Leverage Technology To Learn. Empass - Blog

Technology has radically changed many things, and the way we learn is one of them. Gone are the days when we needed to sit in a classroom and take a class to learn a subject. Gone are the days when we needed a book to get the required information.

Today, with the help of technology, learning can happen anywhere, and from any device of our choice. Or in other words, learning has evolved in terms of mobile learning. But it is not just the place from where we learn that has changed.

Technology has also changed how we learn.

Speaking specifically of students like yourself, the majority of them learn by collaborating over the internet. One student in one part of the world can clear the doubts of another in some other part of the world. 

In addition to this, many students are always multitasking. Learning is no longer the only thing you do or concentrate on for a duration. You may also read the news or follow social media while you are learning online. All of this means that the traditional methods of learning are no longer valid.

Teaching and technology should be integrated to generate new methods of learning that can catch the attention of the multitasking generation. Without further ado, here are the top 3 tech trends in learning for this generation.

1. Gamification

Gamification uses the concepts of a game and applies it to learning. The idea was inspired by how engaged people get with video games. The aim is to use similar techniques to generate more interest in learning, as well.

Gamification uses certain game elements such as points or leader boards, creation of a narrative, instant feedback, leveling up as you earn more points, and increasing the difficulty of learning with each level.  

That approach to learning increases a student’s engagement by capturing their imagination. It combines extrinsic motivation with an intrinsic one to make learning more engaging and exciting.

The competitive nature motivates the students to keep learning without forcing them to do so. Participation is purely voluntary, and every student progresses at their rate. Also, by increasing the difficulty slowly as they progress through the levels, that approach ensures students take the initiative to learn.

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2. Learning from AI

Artificial Intelligence is being used all around you – in every aspect of life. Then, why should education be left behind? There are many ways in which learning can benefit from AI.

In a classroom setting, the teacher may not be able to pay individual attention to each student. AI can help provide a more personalised learning experience. It can recognise areas that you have difficulty in understanding and recommend other study materials that can help you understand that topic better. 

VR and AR technologies can also be used to encourage students to learn by doing. You understand things better when you learn practically.

AI can also be used to identify the gaps in the curriculum, and this can, in turn, help teachers restructure the course to make it more complete. Education apps using AI, such as Empass are interactive. They can provide one on one tutoring even when you are on the go. 

3. Social learning

Almost every student spends a considerable portion of their time on social media platforms. So why not leverage the time and use it to learn? Social media has become much more than just a way to connect with others. Much like how people consume news on social media, learning can also happen on these platforms. 

Every topic can be broken down into smaller sections, and each section can be uploaded as a social media post. It just has to contain a bit of information about the topic which could be in the form of a video.

Each video is a nugget of information that can be consumed while you are traveling or even hanging out with friends. The short duration of the videos is perfect for capturing the short attention spans of the students. That also encourages mobile learning as students can learn wherever they are, and the learning can take place through their phones.

Learn more efficiently using technology

Instead of considering technology and multitasking to be a bane, teachers and students should think of it as a boon. The tech trends mentioned above should give you an insight into how useful technology can be when it comes to learning.

Social and mobile learning, along with gamification and AI, can be the perfect way to combat the flaws of the present education system and develop something much more effective and inclusive.

Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Digital Marketing & Communications Lead at Empass. You'll often find her marketing gamification for skill assessment to colleges and companies, and educating recruiters on the benefits of using AI and mobile to hire the best talent. She is also the primary author of the Empass blog.

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